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Service Overview

GCE.co brings a new dimension to your shipping experience with our Air Freight services – a reliable, speedy, and efficient solution designed for shipments that demand urgency and precision. Explore the world of airborne logistics with our comprehensive Air Freight services.

Why Choose Our Air Freight Services:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Benefit from the fastest transit times available in the industry.
  • Global Connectivity: Leverage our partnerships with major airlines for worldwide coverage.
  • Security: Ensure the safety of your cargo with our secure tracking and handling procedures.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of your shipments.

GCE.co invites you to experience the speed and precision of our Air Freight services, where your cargo takes flight with reliability and efficiency.

Service Type

1. Expedited Air Cargo Shipping:

Swift Deliveries, Guaranteed: Choose our Expedited Air Cargo Shipping for unparalleled speed and reliability, ensuring your time-sensitive shipments reach their destination without delay.

2. Direct Flight Services:

Exclusive Speed, Minimized Handling: Elevate your shipping experience with our Direct Flight Services, offering exclusive use of aircraft to prioritize urgent and high-priority shipments with minimal handling.

3. Consolidation Services:

Cost-Effective Efficiency: Optimize your resources with our Consolidation Services, combining smaller shipments into a single consignment for maximum efficiency and reduced costs.

4. Perishable Goods Handling:

Freshness Assured, Every Mile: Trust our Perishable Goods Handling services to maintain optimal conditions for your sensitive shipments, from pharmaceuticals to fresh produce, ensuring freshness upon arrival.

5. Hazardous Materials Shipping:

Safety First, Compliance Guaranteed: Rely on our expertise for Hazardous Materials Shipping, ensuring secure and compliant transportation of goods classified as hazardous by international regulations.

6. Customs Clearance and Documentation:

Seamless Global Navigation: Simplify the customs process with our Customs Clearance and Documentation support, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for smooth and swift cargo clearance.